Leigh Bryan (Singer) promotional tour of Youghal


Leigh Bryan Already Gone Crash World

Leigh Bryan returns back to his home town of Youghal for the first time in 4 years on the 8th May to begin promotion for his forth-coming debut single “Already Gone” which will be released onto digital music site “i-Tunes” closely followed by his album “Crash World”. While back here in Youghal he will be doing a special performance at a local nightspot along with giving away copies of the single and album.

Leigh Bryan Already Gone Crash World

This is Leigh’s first step into the music scene after already putting his stamp on radio, television, runways and producing back in England where he has had successful stints in the British media including his own radio show in the West Midlands. Leigh embarked on a music career after performing his version of the Disney classic “Kiss The Girl” taken from “The Little Mermaid”. It was well received around the time of the DVD release and the cover will be included on a forth-coming release which will see the album first available as a digital download followed by a physical copy after the second single “Headstrong”. The track is currently a fan favourite on his official site where the track has been available to stream since early 2007. The album contains influences from all music genre’s including rock, urban, hip-hop but with an innocent pop vibe at the core.

Leigh Bryan Already Gone Crash World

The single “Already Gone” was selected by the fans registered to the site who voted for the track from 11 other songs – winning with 72% of the votes. The track is a hook-heavy song which is along the same vein of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” and Take That’s “Patience”, it will be available on i-Tunes from the 23rd June 2008 complete with a special bonus track which has been specially recorded just for the digital release, Leigh says “It’s so exciting finally having a release date in sight for the single and album, I began work on the record in between doing my radio work, so now that it has my full attention I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, the only worrying thing at the minute is trying to finish the tracks before the launch as a lot of the songs aren’t yet finished so it’s more of a race to get them finished then to chill out and relax but I like a challenge!”.

Vist Leigh Bryans website: http://www.myspace.com/leighbryanmusiconline


  1. Great to see someone from Youghal doing so well, but I have to ask the question was the music recorded live?, because its hard to understand how any recording studio would allow this version be released. Not knocking the lad, but to be fair if thats the finished recording someone ought to tell him its not great get it remixed again.

  2. I like that – it sounds a bit american though – he has a cute voice! Plus on his myspace site all these versions are marked as “demos” so these arent the finished versions so maybe they are better but nice voice all the same! xx