Sign O’ The Times


By Kay Donnelly

On a recent visit to Spanish Point Beach, which does not hold a candle to YOUGHAL I saw this notice. They have passed these bylaws to protect the little bit of beach they have and the lifeguards are authorised to issue fines. Recently a visitor to Redbarn strand told me he had to take his children off the beach because of the litter and particularly the dog poo.

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  1. Hi,

    Great website, over the years. I’ve been a regular visitor to Youghal. I would like to add my observation at the beach area; recently on the beach at claycastle, a 4×4 drove onto the beach and carried on towards Redbard. The driver had no regard for any persons using the beach.
    Apart from that the beach area looked very clean and tidy and is without doubt the best beach for miles around.


    Liam Cotter.