deValera St. residents make parking proposals


deValera Street residents availed of the opportunity to air their views on the streets permit parking dilemma when they met with Town Clerk Liam Ryan at the council’s offices last Thursday. About a dozen residents attended the meeting, which was organised by Cllr Mary Linehan Foley. -By Christy Parker/Photo Michael Hussey (

devalera-stwall-plaque-youghal-1Cllr Liam Burke also attended, though Mayor Olly Casey was absent. Cllrs Burke and Casey have argued vehemently for 17 designated spaces (out of 37) to be allocated to the residents when the new car park eventually opens, in lieu of their vehicles being removed from the street. The initiative was passed by the council but later deemed impractical and possibly illegal by legal opinion.

The meeting resulted in the residents proposing a compromise whereby they would forego designated spaces in return for permits that would allow them to avail of the car park indefinitely, spaces permitting, as well as retain their current option of parking on the laneway. The lane would become one-way (upwards) with, by consequence, traffic accessing the main street being routed down Church Lane.

Before being sanctioned, the proposals will need to meet the acceptance of the street’s other residents, the emergency services and, possibly, residents in Church Lane. The latter consideration may -or may not- provoke debate, given the street’s narrow dimensions and the resultant increase in traffic on the main access route to the heritage hum that is the College Gardens and St. Mary’s Church. “The deValera Street residents are to return to the Town Clerk within a fortnight,” says Cllr Linehan Foley.

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