The Murray Family Reunion 2009


The Murray family is well known in the East Cork and West Waterford areas.  Their history, however, was a little in the dark as several members of the family back in the 1800s, like many other Irish families, emigrated to the USA and the UK.   Eddie Murray, along with his sister Terri, decided to try to locate the absent members of their family and invite them to a huge Family Reunion which was fixed for Sunday last, August 2nd.   An amazing amount of research and work was carried out including advertising, internet explorations, family trees and follow ups to locate as many of the family as possible. Denise FitzGerald/ East Cork Journal Reports/ Photo: Michael Hussey Video: David Farrell

Eddie Murray and his mother Marie Tooher, Michael Murray and Terry Moore pictured with their American cousins at the Murray family reunion

Eddie Murray and his mother Marie Tooher, Michael Murray and Terry Moore pictured with their American cousins at the Murray family reunion

It was with a great sense of excitement and trepidation that the fifty five or so Murrays arrived at the Red Store in Youghal to meet each other.   Such was the hype that the meal, which was planned for much earlier, did not take place until 9pm as the Murrays kept arriving, chatting, introducing and finding out who was whom.
The evening eventually commenced and after the meal there was an introduction by Terri Moore (nee Murray) which was followed by a presentation by Eddie Murray, who had put together a 4ft x 3ft family tree which he had surmounted on a large board.
The furthest back the family can trace is Jeremiah Murray in 1722 (called Jeremiah 1 for easy identification).   Jeremiah Murray 2 followed on, and they are both buried in Dangan Donovan graveyard just outside Corbally, Mount Uniacke.   Michael Murray was born in 1838 in the Mount Uniacke area, and he was the Murray who came into Youghal and started the building firm of Michael Murray & Sons.  This later became John Murray & Sons and finally Thomas Murray & Sons.   This branch of the Murray family built the Strand Church and the Cottage Hospital in Youghal.

The evening went into enjoyment mode after the meal, and the celebrations, craic agus chat went on well into the night.   Eddie Murray, speaking with East Cork Journal, said it had been a fantastic night and well worth the efforts which he and Terri, in particular, put into tracing their family. They have all arranged to meet again in two years time, and hope the reunion will take place some time in July 2011.  Eddie would encourage all with an interest in their families to follow in their tracks and find for themselves the family they never knew they had.

Michael Murray , The Strand, Youghal is almost 94 years of age and is the head of the Murray clan at present.  Michael more than stayed the course on Sunday evening and was, in fact, one of the last to leave the Red Store, well into the wee early hours of the morning.
The following morning, Monday, August 3rd East Cork Journal were informed that Michael and Eddie, neither of whom were willing to let it go at that, rose early and  toured the East Cork/West Waterford area with a view to putting things to bed.    They visited the Dangan graveyard where the Corbally Murrays are buried.  Then, on to Kilcounty school where their ancestors were educated.  From there to Inch School where the Inch School Book 1840 to 1894 mentions the Murray family.   Ardagh Cemetery was the final resting place for more of the family, and it is here that Michael and Eddie concluded their search.

We wish all the Murray families long and continued good health.

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  1. We all had a great evening & the following day a group of 15 of us (not 2 as stated in the article) met in Powers Pub in Mount Uniacke from there to Corbally & visited the exact location of the original family home. Then on to Dangan Cemetry burial place of the earier ancestors Jermiah 1722 etc.. (all graves have been located), then on to Kilcounty School where the Murrays attended school, then on to Inch (Old)School where more were educated. Lastly to Ardagh Cemetry where more are buried. we all trouped back to Youghal Golf Club for much needed refreshments!!!

    We wish to express our thanks to Michael Hussey & David Farrell for all the photographs & video whic were excellent and a great reminder of our 1st and not last Family ReUnion

  2. Eddie Murray on

    Just one more correction Terry Moore (not Terri) is my first cousin & not my sister (my only sister is Aileen).
    Terry is a Genealogist with many years of experience, I am just a novice (but learning fast). We accumulated a lot of information in just 6 weeks with much help from Anne O’ Neill of Killeagh.
    Thanks Anne for all your help.

  3. Jim McCarthy on

    Congratulations Terri and everybody else involved in putting a huge event such as this together. I am afraid I would find such a task very daunting myself. It was great seeing you all on the website.

    At last Terri I have seen the face behind the name. Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Pauline Ebbs on

    I came across the report on the Murray family reunion when googling for information on my great great grandmother, Bridget Murray, who was born in 1835 in Knockanore which I understand is very close to Youghal. As far as I can discover her father was James Murray, a farm labourer, and she married James Vaughan b1834 in Cork, in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales in 1856. They had 10 children, the first 6 born in Wales and the rest born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire (North Riding). I wonder if Bridget may be connected to the Murray family in Youghal. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with them?


    Pauline Ebbs

  5. James Vaughn on

    I would like to add my request to that of Pauline Ebbs. Bridget Murray is my great grandmother through her son Patrick Vaughan. Patrick immigrated to the US in 1888. It would be my great pleasure to attend your reunion if the geneologist in your family can find a link to Bridget. Murray of Knockanore, County Waterford b 1835.


    James Vaughn
    Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania