Donie Daly to resign town council seat – Tommy O’Connell set to be co-opted


Donie Daly to resign town council seat – Tommy O’Connell set to be co-opted

Youghal Town Councillor Donie Daly is set to resign his seat in the coming days. Report: Christy Parker | Photo: Michael Hussey | Email:

Cllr. Donie Daly and Chairman Youghal Labour Party Tomas O' Connell. -Photo: Michael Hussey

Sources close to the Youghal Labour party say the councillor’s seat will be co-opted to veteran Labour member and former councillor Tommy O’Connell, pending ratification at a meeting of the local branch next Saturday (August 14th).

Cllr. Donie Daly

Party sources say Cllr Daly has decided there is no point trying to meet his mandate following the decision by the town council to retain Tuesday mornings as its monthly meeting time. The council switched from Monday nights last April following a work to rule policy adopted by the council executive over pay and conditions. This meant the town clerk and other clerical staff would not attend night time meetings.

When that issue was eventually resolved, voting amongst Cllr Daly’s eight council colleagues were split 4-4 on whether to return to Monday nights, before the Mayor’s second (casting) vote decided in favour of Tuesday mornings.

Cllr Daly, who polled 308 first preferences in his first council election in 2009, says he cannot attend daytime meetings due to out-of-town work commitments.

The financial consultant, having missed the past four consecutive meetings, would be obliged under the Local Government Act to vacate his seat automatically should he miss six meetings in a year. “He doesn’t feel he can serve the people who elected him in circumstances whereby he is effectively prevented from attending meetings,” says a party colleague.

Youghal Town Cllr. Donie Daly with Party Leader Eamon Gilmore TD and Sean Sherlock TD

Tommy O’Connell, who managed Cllr Daly’s election campaign now finds himself about to be propelled into his charge’s seat. Mr. O’Connell 64,  previously served as a Youghal councillor in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. He was elected for Sinn Fein in 1974, before resigning, disillusioned, from the party four years later.

He topped the poll as an Independent in 1979, joined Labour in 1981and was re-elected under that party‘s banner in 1985. However he resigned from local politics a year later when he and his family decided to emigrate to London for some years. Mr. O’Connell has declined to comment on his likely return to the Youghal chamber prior to next Saturday’s meeting.


  1. This is a disgrace and in my opinion its the Town Clerks fault. In this day and age and in that sort of position I think expecting your work hours to be between 9 and 5 is a very blurred and mistaken vison!

    I recall an incident recently when that same Town Clerk was invited to attend ( free of charge) a play that was going on in the Mall Arts Center and his reply was ” I spend all day down here why would I want to come here in the evening”.. Now this response to me clearly shows an apathetic individual in the wrong position.

    Anyone agree with me?

  2. get youghal jobs on

    i completely agree ,this is a joke,donie daly man you don’t need to work with this back stabbing shower who supposedly work for the betterment of the town,if they wanted the town to have the best representatives voted in by the people and to work for the people they would’nt be acting like little kids playing games,the truth of the matter is that donie is too outspoken and they don’t like that,he got the support of the 300+ people who voted him in ,got forbid to keep his seat he would have to resign his position in the company he works in,if the other 4 who voted againstit( all women aswell was it) were in his position would they be quick to jump aboard,no they would’nt ,the four should be ashamed of their lives ,if their husbands or partners were in this position would they be happy,but donie don’t forget the wheel always turns and it won’t be long before the next election,i hope tommy does well in the chamber and with your full support can continue the good work,for the ff mayor who put the nail in the coffin “shame on you”.

  3. Once again SHAME on Youghal Town Council. They’ve once again shown that they do not have the best interests of Youghal at heart.

    In this day and age anyone who has a job values it. Do they really think that anyone could take time off from their job to attend the Council meetings when there are 450,000+ currently on the live register who would jump at the chance of taking that job? I know that in my job we can only take holidays at certain times of the year and if I asked my employer for a day off every month to attend a meeting I’d be told where to go! Obviously the other 8 Councillors are so out of touch with reality that they don’t have a clue how things work in the real world. I note from the Youghal News that Cllr Revins didn’t think it would “be a big sacrafice for Cllr Daly to take one day off a month”. Is he for real? Totally detached from how thing work in the real world.

    I was particularly disappointed in Cllr McLellan (always thought she was an OK person) who voted to retain the morning meetings eventhough she was available at both times because she’d “rather support people who aren’t stabbing me in the back” and she’d “had enough” and therefore chose morning meetings. Again taken from Youghal News of 22nd July. Nothing to do with what was best for the town but her own grievences.

    Also disappointed by the comments of Cllr Coyne who went interviewed on CRY after the meeting made a very personal attack on Cllr Daly. Cllr Coyne showed his youth and immaturity and that he too is nothing more than a FF mouthpiece.

    Credit to Cllr Murraywho said that “out of fairness” to Cllr Daly she felt the meetings should return to Monday nights. At last a voice of reason and not pettiness.

    I think it shows that these people do NOT have Youghal’s best interests at heart. If anyone challenges them they feel threatened and it’s all about personalities. I expected more from the 2 Sinn Fein Councillors considering how Martin Hallinan was previously treated but I’m afraid they are more Me Fein than Sinn Fein.

    Those who voted to keep the morning meetings were Cllrs Hennessy, McLellan, Linehan Foley and Burke with Linehan Foley having the casting vote – SHAME ON YOU ALL.

    Cllr Daly – thank you. It must’ve been like hitting your head off a brick wall and if Tommy O’Connell does take over the seat I hope he gives ’em hell.

    What a joke Youghal Town Council is. Wake up and realise that you should be doing things for Youghal and not airing your grievences. If I’m right I think Cllr Daly got more votes than most of these people and it was his transfers who got some of these jokers elected. PATHETIC.

  4. I think that Donie has no other choice but to resign, after being elected to Youghal Town Council just 14 short months ago and so shortly down the track, not have the commitment to attend meetings or ANY OTHER FUNCTION that his position requires him to do so. I am extremely disappointed that a man who, last Spring campaigned so strongly to Youghal Town Council on issues that, I thought, he felt strongly about, gave such a half hearted effort to his role in the chamber. In the last few weeks, I have followed this story diligenty and the familiar theme that seems to come across to me is that of “they’re all out to get me” on Donie’s part. My own opinion that that Donie, did not have the heart nor the commitment to local politics after realising what it was all about and the more I think about it and re-read all the articles that he has published on this web-site, it seems to me that Donie was using his seat in the U.D.C. as a stepping stone to something greater (Cork County Council or Leinster House). That not the type of politics that I want for my town.

    On the point of the vote that took place to keep the meetings at Tuesday mornings. It seems to me that it was not about keeping Donie away, but about individuals prefered, and I hardly think councillors were towing party lines. After all, councillors Beecher, Coyne or Revins may be adversely affected by this and my find difficultly in attending meetings. It will be interesting if they will consider resigning their seats due to not being able to fulfill their respective mandates.

    Tommy O’Connell… oh boy!

  5. Absolutely right folks! Those four councillors who voted to keep the morning meeting times should hang their heads in shame and personally apologise to each and every voter who cast in favour of Cllr Daly.

    Anyone thinking of running for the next Local Elections? Well, you had better be unemployed, self-employed or independantly wealthy!

    In fairness to Cllr Daly, he has a long commute each and every day, he works hard for his family and yet he was still able to find the time after work to honour the commitment he made to the people of Youghal. There is a sense that his Trojan efforts will be overlooked because of the petulance and veevishness of some his fellow Councillors.

  6. Some very relevant comments here, but I doubt they’ll hit home to the councillors concerned; one thing that has characterised politics of late, especially on a national level, is sheer stubbornness, and an inability to admit when one is wrong. Look at Callely’s expenses, Dempsey’s jetsetting, and Biffo and Lendahand’s bailing out of Anglo, amid false representation of the reports into the banking crisis, rather than admit they should have let the two worst banks fall, and guarantee the deposits only.

    It seems our local politicians too, can make mistakes-which is human and forgiveable, and stand by such mistakes, even when people disagree and call them to account, which is not.

    The same mindset seems to characterise the denizens of Mall house, as does Leinster House, among FF members in particular. A noteworthy mention for Sinn Fein (Ourselves above all else, it seems!), for forgetting very quickly how hard it was for their solitary councillor to have his own voice heard, and not that long ago either.

    I’m just another poster on the internet, the councillors don’t like that, it seems, but they ignore this medium at their own cost, forgetting it’s more convenient and sensible for someone to post an open comment for all to see, rather than make a phone call or write a letter that may later be ignored or conveniently forgotten.

    I don’t need to tell people how hard Donie has worked on a local level, hamstrung as he has been by what is an ineffectual talking shop (that’s town councils all over, by the way-an extra level of governance that has little power, and only adds to bureaucracy), and how much drive and common-sense he brought to the role as a fresh pair of eyes. Nor does he have to do so himself, there are plenty of folk who can testify to these facts.

    I am one of those people-and I know first hand that Donie harboured little ambition more than to serve the people as best he could. Sadly, he was hobbled by those who would rather ride the gravy train (or what’s left of it these days), and maintain the status quo. He was making too many of the right noises for the liking of those who saw an opportunity to stifle his representation and his right to reply, at the first chance they got.

    A councillor should use their vote, rightly or wrongly, in what they see as the best interest of the town they represent, not because they don’t want to “support” somebody, or because they take issue with that person’s opinion.

    Childish, churlish stuff.

    I wish Tommy the best of luck, he’ll bring a wealth of experience to the role and I’m sure he’ll do a fine job.

  7. get youghal jobs on

    MAN GETS PUNISHED BY COUNCIL COLLEAGUES FOR SUPPORTING HIS FAMILY AND EARNING A LIVING.This would make a nice headline in one of our newspapers and once again make youghal a laughing stock in the county and country,a number of very valid comments made by the others who commented ,but sarah whoever you are you need to take your head from the sand and start realising what youghal as a town is losing here in losing Donie Daly as a councillor,our councillors namely mrs mclellan and hennessy would not be in their seats today but for their former colleague Martin Hallinan who was tortured in the chamber over the years,never got support,should have been mayor but for pacts,but safety in numbers does’nt always work and hiding behing reality won’t either,theHOUSEWIVES PARTY won’t work either ,you as people of youghal should be ashamed to call yourselves ambassadors for the town and embarrassed at what is being done ,tonight i have forwarded the links for to the national papers and lets see what pans out.

  8. This just gets better. Did anyone happen to hear Tommy O’Connell on CRY yesterday particularly when Cllrs Lenihan Foley and Hennessy phoned in. Comedy gold if it weren’t such a serious issue. Cllr Hennessy in particular was a disgrace. I mean, seriously folks why is this woman a Councillor??

    In reply to ‘Sarah’ who posted. I think most people know how much time and effort Cllr Daly puts in on local issues and doesn’t need to advertise the fact by attending every photo opportunity. Being a Councillor isn’t about attending functions, however the priority of most of the Town Councillors in Youghal is to be seen about the town attending the opening of an envelope, wasting tax payers money on Civic Receptions for every Joe Soap and getting their greedy hands on the Mayors chain. Cllr Daly puts in the work without having to have his picture taken at every non-event. Also, to the best of my knowledge Cllrs Revins, Coyne and Beecher work locally and have a greater degree of flexibility in their jobs than most. Youghal – the laughing stock once again! Well I suppose you get who you vote for…………………………………….

  9. What else can one expect from politics and politicians in this country except mediocrity.

  10. what a joke , but lets all have the last laugh on the sinn fein fools , both at home wifes who couldnt give a hard working man a break ….. thanks donie of luck ..

  11. Could anybody tell me exactly what Youghal town councillors actually do and what is their function?
    I just don’t see what all the fuss is about – a bit of a storm in a teacup!