Letter of Resignation – Cllr. Donie Daly


Mon. 16th August 2010

Attn;- Liam Ryan, Town Clerk, Youghal Town Council

Following our telephone conversation this afternoon I wish to confirm that it is with great sadness, and a decision not taken lightly, that I am ‘forced’ to resign my membership of Youghal Town Council.

My supporters, family & I worked extremely hard to be elected and during the election campaign and ever since I have endeavoured to act in a manner that was in keeping with the views and opinions that I encountered at the doorsteps and on the street from the people of the town.

Cllr. Donie Daly - 'outspoken in and out of the chamber' Pic: www.youghalonline.com

I put myself  forward for election based on the premise that meetings would be held in the evenings, and while this was the case,  I never missed a single sitting of Youghal Town Council.
I have been outspoken in and out of the chamber on the subjects of civic receptions, wasteful spending, the FF/ SF mayoral pact and a myriad of objections against the current FF/ Green Governments relentless attacks on the old, young and less well off in our society.

This has obviously not gone down well with my ‘colleagues’, and  have been advised, I should have used my profile to extol the virtues of the town instead of drawing attention to the actions of  the Council or its members.
A sentiment I fundamentally disagree with.

This is not the way the people that elected me would have me operate, nor is it the way I  would choose to live either in my ‘political’ , personal or professional  life.

This unfortunate episode has cost me dearly in terms of sleepless nights, lack of focus and  attention to  the people of the town I was elected to serve, my family and my job. The malevolence, negativity and  constant sniping,  directed towards me has taken its toll.

I offer my resignation with an effective date of 13th September 2010. My colleagues in the Youghal Branch of the Labour Party have unanimously selected Tomas O’ Connell to replace me on Youghal Town Council and will arrange with the secretary of the branch to give you all the necessary information to effect the change.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff of Youghal Town Council for your assistance and advice over the last 14 months, and I have no doubt the same level of help will be afforded to my replacement, during what will be a difficult settling in period.

I would also like to thank most sincerely the people of Youghal that elected me in June 2009 , and to those that  have supported me and offered me their good wishes over the last number of months.

I will continue to work with Tommy, on their behalf for as long as I’m required.


Donie Daly

Co. Cork

Tel:- (086) 8103886
Email:- doniedalyyoughal@gmail.com


  1. Donie, this is the first photogragh I ‘ve seen of you with a smile on your face !!!

    You remind me of that cartoon poster which shows a whole town of dull grey houses and this one person sneaks out at night to paint his house bright cheery colours, before being taken away by the police.

    Donie, you need to keep battling on, the present political system needs to change and its people like you that can do that.

    Best of luck.

  2. It is a pity Donie is so irked by the mayoral pact ,when he is not in it ,while his party colleagues all over the country are doing exactly the same thing to other cllrs who have the same mandate as Donie.

    • Cllr. Donie Daly on

      Sinn Fein in Youghal campaigned to keep Fianna Fail out of power. That is what they promised at the doorsteps, last May & June . However at first opportunity they sold out their supporters for 30 pieces of silver .
      Dont forget, I voted for Sandra to be Mayor – so SF would have had the chain even if they hadnt gone into a pact with FF!
      Think about who got the better of those negotiations!
      thanks for the kind words – I’ll smile a lot more from now on, I promise!

      • why not go to the one meeting which decided your future my recollection is the vote was 4 4 your own vote would have carried the motion

        • Your recollection is spot on (and why shouldnt it be!).
          The point is , if I could make morning meetings we wouldnt be having this conversation.
          Also the vote to change the meetings permanently to Tuesday mornings was 5 – 3, so even if I hadnt been in Galway working that day it would have made no difference.
          For the record, the 5 were, McLellan, Coyne, Linehan Foley, Burke, Hennessy.
          The Mayor of any town should never use their vote to disenfranchise a member of the Council – The Mayor (in other towns anyway), would have shown some common sense and brought all parties together rather than fostering division!

          • In fairness I think your spot on there Donie the entire council should have been called together behind closed doors and a clear the air meeting should have been held.I feel this would have put to bed some of the differences between the cllrs and a fresh start would have been more beneficial for everyone involved going forward.

          • Christy Parker on

            I don’t particularly want to get involved in this debate but having reported on the town council meeting for the local press, l wish to clarify Donie’s observation that the vote was 5-3 in favour of Tuesday morning meetings, as I feel it may accidentally reflect some innacuracy on my report of proceedings. The procedural aspects of the voting seems to have clouded the picture in some minds.

            The decision emerged through votes on two separate issues, or motions.

            The first motion, proposed by Cllr Beecher and seconded by Cllr Revins, was to revert to Monday night meetings. This was tied at 4-4 with Cllrs Beecher, Revins, Murray and Coyne in favour and Cllrs Linehan Foley (Mayor), Hennessy, McLennan and Burke against. As the issue was tied, it then returned to the mayor for her casting vote and, naturally, she repeated her opposition to the motion and so it was defeated.

            As the motion favouring Monday nights had failed, it consequently paved the way for the second motion. In other words, the second motion dealt with a new situation, whereby Monday nights were no longer an option.

            This second motion, tabled by Cllr Hennessy and supported by Cllr McLennan proposed that the meetings be retained on Tuesday mornings. This was supported by Cllrs Hennessy, McLennan, Coyne, LInehan Foley and Burke. Thus the second motion to support Tuesday mornings was passed 5-3, as Donie states.

            There has also been an unfair notion floated that Cllr Coyne voted for Tuesday mornings. In a sense he did, but only on the second vote when Monday night was no longer an option. Again, had the Monday night motion succeeded there would not have been a need fo the second motion.

            Donie’s assertion that it would have made no difference had he been there, is open to speculation as the second motion would have been rendered obsolete had his presence helped carry the first one.

            Yet it is worth considering another possibility. The voting pattern was very likely known prior to the voting from pre-meeting consultation, so the matter would have been a very much ‘going through the motions (literally)’ exercise. If as Donie asserts, there really was an agenda amongst some members to have him removed from the council, it remains possible that one or more councillors who voted in favour of Monday nights might have voted the other way had he been present and thus ensure their desired outcome anyway. That’s merely speculative but in this grimey situation, several options seem viable.

            For the record, I believe the council, through the mayor’s offices, should have ensured that the issue was only debated and voted upon at a time when all nine councillors were available and present -i.e. at a special evening or weekend sitting- as had been the case when the original (“temporary”) decision to meet on Tuesday morning was decided last March. Whether Donie Daly would still be a counsellor had that transpired, is something to wonder about.

  3. Anybody who campaigned to get Fianna Fail out of power last year was either an idiot or a liar. There were only 11 candidates for 9 seats. The makeup of the new council was almost inevitable even before the election, making the election itself a mockery. Donie got Ollie Casey’s seat and Eoin Coyne got David Savage’s seat. The remaining 7 seats went to sitting councillors. It should come as no surprise to anyone that SF and FF would make a pact. SF are desperate to get power and FF will sell anyone down the river to keep it.

  4. I am surprised that no mention is being made of the imminent co-opting of Youghal’s very own Tomas O’Conaill, a man who will be more than able to take on the “theatrics” that seem to have infested the local chamber in recent times, and cut to the chase. I wish him well in his endeavours and am more than confident in his ability to perform to the local elctorate’s mandate. Padraig.

  5. Martin McCarthy on

    I’m somewhat confused by some of the comments in the previous posts, particularly those that suggest there was an agenda to get rid of Donnie.

    I find it incredible that anyone would beleive this, and more so that Donnie would bow to such pressure if he really believed himself.
    A good fighting General doesnt leave the field of battle in protest just because his enemy fights dirty.

    What I cant understand is why Donnie hadnt sought a meeting with the County Manager if he really believed there was a conspiracy to get rid of him, or that he didnt take the matter to the Ombudsman for Local Governemnet.
    Or that his party leadership didnt take the matter up with the Minister and make much political capital from it. Its not as though Eamon Gilmore or Sean Sherlock TD are media shy.
    I feel Donnie could have used any or all of those sources to apply enough pressure to have a common, mutual and agreed time for their monthly meetings, if he really wanted to.

    No, I’m left wondering what Donnie’s real reason for resigning is. Could it be that he, like many before him, up and down the country, discovered that being a public representative is not at all what he thought it would be.

    Only Donnie, knows the true reason for his departure, It’s just a pity he feels he has to scapegoat others to cloak that reason.