The campaign to save Youghal ambulance continues to expand with a public meeting scheduled for the Walter Raleigh on Wednesday July 27th. Local, regional and national politicians can be expected to attend, while it is as yet unclear whether any HSE representatives have been invited or will attend.

Click her to visit the Save Youghal Ambulance on Facebook - Graphic: YOL

Click her to visit the Save Youghal Ambulance on Facebook - Graphic: YOL

The decision to replace the Youghal service with a response car has infuriated the general public, with over 1,400 online names thus far amassed on a petition running on Facebook’s Save Youghal Ambulance page. Thousands of signatures have also been collected across various shop and street petitions, with one campaigner alone having gathered over 800 names.


  1. Karen Gallogley on

    I think it’s great that the population of Youghal are not taking the decision to scrap our ambulance service lying down, hopefully people will also realise the seriousness and consequences of the permission that has been granted to allow hazardous waste be transported into our beautiful town from Ringaskiddy and Little Island for treatment at Foxhole.

  2. I know its a separate issue but it seems me that the whole of East Cork and West Waterford will be at this meeting and it would be a good wake up call to the people attending to distribute flyers warning of the impending disaster if the Toxic sludge from OUTSIDE our town is allowed to go ahead at Foxhole, Youghal. Like i said its a separate issue but in a way kinda related re health issues. Better have some extra ambulances on stand by sounds like a BIG GIG.Even Lazarus is going to this one!