Team Youghal Completes The Race Around Ireland For The Third Time.


Team Youghal Completes The Race Around Ireland For The Third Time – By John Hennessy

TEAM YOUGHAL made history in Navan, Co. Meath on Sunday, September 11th, when they started the Race Around Ireland for the third successive year in a row. Christy McCarthy from Team Youghal left the starting line in Market Square, Navan, at 05:15pm, after playing the National Anthem on the bagpipes for the opening of the race, and then headed North for his first stint in the toughest cycling endurance test in Europe. The Team cycled straight into Hurricane Katia on Sunday night and most of the day Monday which saw them going through Nothern Ireland, over to Donegal and then down to Sligo. One of the cyclists commented that it was the first time he had to cycle down a hill.

Team Youghal pass under Youghal's Clock Gate on their journey in the Race Around Ireland for local charities. Pic: Youghalonline

Tuesday saw a let up in the weather as the Team headed for Galway and continued down into Limerick and Kerry. In the early hours of Wednesday morning Team Youghal entered their home County of Cork as they continued on their journey in The Race Around Ireland.  Before reaching County Cork they cycled through the Black Valley in Kerry around midnight so did not get to see the beautiful landscape that rural Kerry has to offer. However this was not the case for West Cork as the Team headed into County Cork as the sun rose, in good form, in good weather and going strong.

The Team cycled through West Cork and reached Cork City around 3:00pm, Wednesday, where Christy McCarthy took on the infamous Patrick’s Hill in Cork and won. Team Youghal then continued on to their home town of Youghal and arrived around 5:00pm to a huge welcome. This boosted the spirits of everyone on the Team and gave them energy for the final leg of the journey.

Team Youghal then continued up the East Coast of Ireland into Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow, Dublin and Co.Meath. They completed two major climbs during this journey, namely, Mount Leinster and The Sally Gap.

Celebrations at the finishing line for Team Youghal - Pic: John Hennessy

At 10:40am Thursday morning Team Youghal crossed the finish line in Navan to complete their Race Around Ireland in a time of 89 hrs 25 mins. During the race the Team cycled 2,172 km with an average speed of 24.29 km/h with someone in the saddle at all times.

This year Team Youghal completed The Race Around Ireland for two local charities; Youghal Hospice and Youghal Meals On Wheels.

Break open the champagne - Team Youghal have finally done it form the third time! Pic: Ed Guiry

Break open the champagne - Team Youghal have finally done it for the third time! Pic: Ed Guiry

Click on image to see Team Youghal cycle for local charities in the Race Around Ireland. Pics: John Hennsessy | Ed Guiry |

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