Irish Goldwing Treffen 2012


Irish Goldwing Treffen 2012
16 – 18 August 2012
Venue: Youghal

Youghal Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland are hosting the 28th Irish International Goldwing Festival 2012. The town welcomes up to 800 Goldwing owners from all over Europe. Visitors to Youghal can enjoy a wide variety of events that have been planned for the three day festival which include a lights parade where 800 bikers will travel through the town after dark with a display of fabulous lights.

Other events planned are a ‘Food Of Nations’ Open market, Puc Fada to sea, a crab catching competition, sandcastle competition, live open air music and a parade of international flags, where the bikers will travel through town during the day flying their own national flag.


They will be using the G.A.A Facilities as their base where they will take over both playing fields for camping. The G.A.A. Club have approached the Chamber of Commerce about building a festival around the event in Town and plans are underway to do this.


  1. Wow. This is a big one to get. Congrats to whoever is behind this one as it will be a major spin-off (no pun intended) for the town.

  2. Elaine Hickey on

    Looks great congrats on arranging this. I’d like to see the light parade will there be a programme saying what is happening on which day ?

  3. Anybody know what time the gold wings are leaving Youghal in convoy to go to cobh and returning to Youghal.I bet it will be a fantastic site to see them all traveling together