Great Stuff Imokilly Single Stage.


Meade and Moynihan in the 2.4 Escort, Great Stuff.!!!!!!

Barry Meade and Liam Moynihan in the powerfull Escort Mk2 proved unbeatable in the Great Stuff Imokilly Single Stage based at the Midleton Park Hotel on Saturday the 28th of July. Barry saying it was the perfect rally. Second was the GpN Subaru of Colm Murphy / Don Montgomery while third went the new pairing of Owen Murphy / Sean Mullally.

On the first run over the 20km stage out of Cloyne it was Barry Meade / Liam Moynihan who stopped the clocks with a time of 9.43. 8 Barry said he was happy with his time and said as they came on a stricken Roy White he pulled in fast and they lost no time, next on the case was Colm Murphy / Don Montgomery in the Subaru the boys set a time of 9.50.7 to slot into second not happy to commit 100% with the notes, Owen Murphy / Sean Mullally slotting into third the first outing for the pair and Owen back on the Tar after 2 years in the wood.

Fergus O Meara was hot on Murphy’s heels in his Escort. The battle further back was white hot between Eddie Power in the Corolla WRC from Ed Murphy, Frank Kelly and Tom Flaherty all in Escorts then came the first of the IMC lads Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald who were balked on the stage by a slower car and not overly impressed .Next was Youghal’s Jason Ryan who said my Honda Civic just does not have the top end speed but we are happy enough.Midleton ace Darragh O’ Riordan / Sean McCarthy were in the wars with 2 punctures on the first stage in the Clio and the time loss could never be made up.

Stage 2 and the sun was still splitting the stones in east Cork Barry Meade kept up the pressure and was once again fastest this time taking 3 seconds out of Colm Murphy to have a ten second lead after 2 runs. Murphy in the Gp N Subaru going hard reporting no problems ,Fergus O Meara pushed into third to make it 2 Escorts in the top 3 followed by Owen Murphy who was liking the stage and happy out in the Hankook Evo 9. Rest of the top 10 remained much the same and Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald kept the pressure on to be top IMC crew after two stages but lost a little time with gear linkage trouble being stuck in 3rd gear for a few kilometres at the end of the stage.

Stage 3 it had rained as stage 2 was finishing this would make the last stage very interesting it was an absolute down pour but the sun came out after a few minutes and the road was drying quickly at least where the sun was hitting the road.

Tyres would be the big problem would it be wet or dry, first into the unknown was rally leader Barry Meade with intermediates at the front and slicks at the back. 10 seconds of a lead gave a slight cushion he could not make a mistake but might not have to push at 100% a wise move saw Barry post a time 5.4 seconds slower than Colm Murphy who said we gave it a bit of a go in the last one but the middle part of the stage was very wet fastest time there was a good run for us .

Owen Murphy had a good run on the last Stage with a second fastest time for third overall and was very happy with his last run on the damp changeable conditions; it was a good day in the Hankook Evo 9 he said.

O’Meara slipped back with a spin but did his Southern 4 Championship a power of good and came 4th overall next up came Ed Murphy , Eddie Power , Frank Kelly, Tom Flaherty,

And then the fastest of the IMC crews Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald a super 9th overall and really happy with their day and the event. Rounding out the top 10 and a class win for Youghal’s Jason Ryan / Tadgh O’ Sullivan in the Civic who said a great rally just too fast for the Civic.

Barry Meade said at the finish ramp a perfect rally in every way Liam was spot on with the notes the car handled a dream no spin or stall and the stage suited my car. We gave it our all great to see the Single Stage back and a great event by the IMC today.

Colm Murphy also had a great day out and said it was a good event.

Owen Murphy said great day out in the Hankook Mitsubishi Evo 9 very happy with second fastest on the last stage great day with Sean Mullally, well done to all the lads at the IMC for putting on a great event.

First local IMC crew home the Killeagh pair Allen Treacy / Bob Fitzgerald a super 9th overall and really happy with their day and the event, the lads said thanks to their fellow club members for staging a great event.

7th overall Frank Kelly/Mossie O’Connell in the Escort Mossie from Lisgoold won the prize spin in an IMC draw before the event, he described it as the drive of his life.

11th Darragh O’ Riordan / Sean McCarthy after early puncture problems.



Top 10 2012 Great Stuff Caterers IMC Single Stage.

1 Barry Meade/Liam Moynihan 14 Escort Mk2 29:36.1

2 Colm Murphy/Don Montgomery 4 Subaru Impreza N12 29:40.6


3 Owen Murphy/Sean Mullally 4 Mitsubishi Evo 30:13.2

4 Fergus O’Meara/Diarmuid Lynch 14 Ford Escort Mk2 30:15.0

5 ED Murphy/John McCarthy 13 Ford Escort Mk2 30:26.1

6 Eddie Power/Mark Wylie 15 Toyota Corolla 30:26.8


7 Frank Kelly/Mossie O’Connaill 14 Ford Escort Mk2 30:35.6

8 Tom Flaherty/Patrick Curley 14 Ford Escort Mk2 30:44.1


9 Allen Treacy/Bob Fitzgerald 13 Toyota Corolla 30:56.0

10 Jason Ryan/Tadgh O’Sullivan 11 Honda Civic 31:06.1



Other IMC Club members to get into the top 20 included.


16 Brian O’Keeffe/Sean Hayde Subaru Impreza N

17 Mark Dolphin/Jenna Browne Ford Escort


18 Paul Scannell/Mossy Griffin Ford Escort

20 James Fitzgerald/Esther Fitzgerald Honda Civic

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