Tom Duffy’s Circus is coming back to Youghal


Tom Duffy’s Circus is coming back to Youghal on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August.

Over the past three centuries Duffy’s Circus has been amazing audiences throughout Ireland. Patrick James Duffy, a shoemaker from Dublin, developed a love for foreign circuses visiting Ireland. After learning various circus skills he became a famous acrobat and his son John started his own circus, the John Duffy Circus. John had three sons – John, Tom and James. It was from James that Duffy’s Circus developed into what it is today. By the 1870s the Duffy family had an extremely large circus with upward of 250 horses.

Throughout the years the circus has had many names with the changing of generations, The Duffy Family Circus and Duffy’s National Circus amongst others but has always been proud to use Duffy name. By 1979 another generation of Duffy’s had been groomed for the ring, as the family was extremely large Tom and son David decided to branch out with their own circus. In 1982 the Duffy Brother’s Circus ceased and Tom Duffy’s Circus has been carrying on the Duffy name ever since. Over the last 33 years Tom Duffy’s Circus has grown into one of Europe’s finest and most respected circuses, in recognition our Circus is supported and funded by The Arts Council.

The present day sees Tom Duffy’s as a traditional Circus with a modern twist. Three generations of the Duffy family are now on tour with the Circus Tom, now 83, his son David and Grandsons Tom and Jamie. Despite predictions that Circus would lose popularity with the introduction of television, video games and the internet Tom Duffy’s Circus is more popular than ever with more than 160,000 people visiting a performance of Tom Duffy’s Circus in 2011.
This years show opens with beautiful Bengal Tigers and young African Lions, followed by the two friendly Chinese Lions. Fun and excitement fills the Big Top as Tom Duffy’s graceful Palomino stallions enter the ring followed by the Llamas and Zebra. Animal welfare is very important at Tom Duffy’s Circus, our animals have been born and raised on our Circus, as has their parents and their parents before them.

Culture is a very important part of Circus, this year Tom Duffy’s Circus celebrates the Chinese year of the Dragon as the Che-Che-Haw troupe present a lively presentation of traditional Chinese Culture featuring Chinese Lions, A Chinese Dragon and an amazing Chinese pole act.

The first half of this years show finishes with the Duffy troupe of bareback horse riders. This traditional act can trace its way back to the very foundation of Duffy’s Circus over 200 years ago, every generation of the Duffy family has presented this act through the decades, the current members, David Marquez, Tom and Jamie Duffy are carrying on the family tradition.

The highlight of this years show must be the amazing Flying Trapeze. This breath taking act has the audience sitting on the very edge of their seat as these amazing Chinese acrobats fly, somersault and twist through the air before being caught by the hands of the catcher. For the first time ever in Ireland these amazing acrobats perform the triple passage, where three members of the troupe flying through the air at the same time.

Tom Duffy’s Circus will be in Youghal on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August. Tickets are available from, ticketmaster or by calling 01 4407588.

Click on image below to see of the acts in Tom Duffy’s Circus which is coming back to Youghal

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