Irish Goldwing Treffen Lights Parade 2012 in Youghal – Video


Irish Goldwing Treffen Lights Parade Video 2012 in Youghal, Co Cork.

Youghal Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland hosted the 28th Irish International Goldwing Treffen 2012. The town welcomed the Goldwing owners from all over Europe. Visitors to the town enjoyed a wide variety of events for the three day festival which included the lights parade where the Goldwing bikers travelled through the town after dark with a display of fabulous lights on Friday 17th August 2012.

Click on the video below to see the Irish Goldwing Treffen Lights Parade 2012 in Youghal

Video: Michael Hussey | Edit: Bobby Whyte | Email:
© 2012

The motorcycle marshals that escorted the runs at the 28th Irish International Goldwing Treffen 2012

The motorcycle marshals who escorted the runs at the 28th Irish International Goldwing Treffen 2012 held in Youghal, Co Cork. – Picture courtesy of Capt. Brain Barton


  1. Hi there,
    As a Goldwing owner and one of the 207 International Club members that visited your town for our 28th Treffen, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the person responsible for the filming/editing of that video. Although I have seen many such videos from many Treffens in many Countries, that is the first I’ve seen, of such good quality.
    In my opinion, equally important as to the quality, is atmosphere, atmosphere I’ve never seen the likes before, captured by the cameraman, of the locals and their obvious enjoyment at our parade. To see a quality video capture both, made it a “first” for me and not boring to watch, like many other such videos I’ve seen.

    To pay €28,000 for a new Goldwing (€45,000 Trike), then add another €5,000 worth of lights and “bling”, is well worth it, when you can see the end product on such a high quality video.

    What is also well worth it on such occasions, are the looks on the children’s faces, not just at our Treffens but at our many Easter/Christmas Hospital charity runs.
    Yes, we are all grown-up schoolboys disguised as adults, by wearing long trousers and wasting our money but in the case of that video, the added clips, of smiles on the faces of the children and adults alike, said it all…..again, thank you Mr Cameraman.

    As I was one of the Marshals (see above photo), I’d like to add that we also marshal other events, such as bike runs, classic/vintage/tractor runs, cycle runs etc. So if any organiser of such events wants’ to avail of our services, then give your local man, Paddy Crowley a shout. Not only are our rates FREE, we’ll also donate to your own Charity………….how bad is that?
    Brian Barton

  2. Thouroughly enjoyed my stay during the Goldwing weekend and many thanks to the organisers and in particular to the people of Youghal for their hospitality and friendliness. Flexit (Goldwing)