IBAL Anti Litter Survey 2012 – A very good result for Youghal


A very good result for Youghal with six top ranking sites out of a total of ten surveyed and the remainder were moderately littered. There were no bad sites. Three of the four approach roads were very good. Bunscóil Mhuire was very well maintained and there was an absence of litter along Ashe Street.

Youghal Festival Town

Youghal Festival Town

Cork Approach Road: Grade A. Road surface / signage / markings were in good order and the overall impression created along this road creates a positive first impression of Youghal. Colourful shrubbery and trees add to the overall appearance.

Upper Strand Approach: Grade A. This approach passes through a mix of residential and commercial. The large green area in front of the low lying houses was a lovely addition with colourful shrubbery and trees – this was very well maintained.

Front Strand Beach: Grade B. There was no litter at this site but the dog fouling is unacceptable. Some of the dog fouling was directly in front of dog fouling disposal units. Apart from the dog fouling the site was excellent – benches, visitor information signage, life-belts, dog foul disposal units and bins were all in very good order.

Youghal Seaside town

Youghal Seaside town

Bunscóil Mhuire: Grade A. The grounds of the school were in very good condition with colourful shrubbery and grass well maintained. The area directly outside of the school was spotless.

Strand Street: Grade A. A very narrow and consequently very dark street with mainly residential units. Some of the buildings (displaying ‘Sold’) sign were not nearly as well maintained as the other buildings but they didn’t impact in any negative way on the litter situation.

The Water Gate / Cromwell’s Arch: Grade B. This is a well presented environment, a mix of very old and new. It was let down by a small amount of litter, much of it around the base of the private orange bins. With a little extra effort this could easily be a top ranking site.

Ashe Street: Grade A. Many buildings were brightly painted and others were less well presented. There was a complete absence of litter throughout.

Priory Court: Grade B. This is a residential area with a free public car park – Youghal Town Council Free Parking. Visitor information notices were in very good order but there was a litter presence in the car park – much of it was very casually strewn about.

Cork Hill Approach: Grade B. Some stretches of this road were better maintained than others – parts of the road were heavily weeded with a very definite litter presence. Other stretches of the road had neatly cut grass and ornamental trees, with an absence of litter.

Mill Road / Roundabout: Grade A. Very colourful shrubbery, neatly cut grass, ornamental trees and welcome signage all create an excellent impression – a top ranking site throughout.

Youghal Heritage Town

Youghal Heritage Town

As critical entry points to towns, IBAL will continue to monitor train and bus stations in the towns and cities surveyed, with a view to listing them in order of merit at its final announcement at the end of 2012, with a special award for one outstanding station. We would ask that you advise the relevant train and bus station masters in your area of this, as there will be no direct notification from IBAL to them to this effect.

Delve into Youghal's past on Culture Night 2012. Poster image courtesy Noel Joyce

Keep Youghal clean! –  Poster image courtesy Noel Joyce


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