Pasley’s Old Man – Video


December 8th is a Catholic Church holiday (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) is when people normally start shopping for Christmas gifts and is one of the busiest shopping days in the run up to Christmas. Youghal people fondly remember when ‘Pasley’s old man’ was on display, in the run up to Christmas, at the old Pasley’s grocery shop at North Main Street, Youghal. We hope the video here reminds you of Christmas past. Click on the video below to see Pasley’s Old Man. To watch in HD change the quality setting (the circular cog wheel appears in the timeline when you press play)

The History of ‘Pasley’s Old Man’ – ‘Pasley’s Old Man’ was made in Germany in 1870 and was displayed in Pasley’s shop window every Christmas from 1880 -2002. In August 2003 Pasley’s transferred its business to Brookes Supervalu and has been on display there ever since.┬áThe statement ‘ I never got a “drop” at Pasley’s’ refers to the fact that alcohol was never sold in Pasley’s for many years.┬áThe ‘bottle’ of Guiness is actually a Christmas cracker and dates back to about 1910. To date, 4 generations of the Brookes family have been involved in the grocery trade in Youghal since John Brookes started at Pasley’s in Youghal in 1888.

Video by Michael Hussey | Bobby White | Maria Moynihan


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  1. great job youghal ! it’s always a pleasure to take a trip back in time to a bygone youghal and rediscover something i had forgotten !

    Keep up the good work – you are one of the more underappreciated positive driving forces in the town. long may it last !!