The Crib At St. Raphael’s Centre,Youghal


The Crib at St. Raphael’s will be open to the public from Christmas Day onwards between 10am and 5pm. Fr. Joe McGuane, Chaplain St. Raphael’s Centre will celebrate The Christmas Day Mass at 10am and Christmas Carols will be sung by The St. Raphael’s Staff Choir.

The Crib in St. Raphael’s Church, Youghal, has always been a place to visit for the people of the town and surrounding areas and much work has gone in to the building of this magnificent structure by the staff of St. Raphael’s Centre, who have dedicated many hours on the decorating of The Nativity scene for the adoration of the birth of Jesus for the people of the town. Youghal people in times past fondly remember praying at the crib and taken a strand of straw from the Manger as a memento of this most Holiest occasion on the birth of Jesus. Many churches leave the manger empty (without the baby Jesus) until Christmas Day to reflect that Jesus has not yet been born before then.

Youghal Catholic Parish

Christmas Liturgical Ceremonies 2012


7.30p.m. Our Lady of Lourdes Church
7.30p.m. Holy Family Church
7.30p.m. St. Mary’s Church

11.30p.m. St. Mary’s Church

CHRISTMAS DAY Tuesday 25th
9.00am St. Mary’s Church
9.30a.m. St. Ita’s Church
10.00am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
11.00am. Holy Family Church
12 noon St. Mary’s Church


Saturday 15th: 10.30am -11.00am St. Mary’s Church
Saturday 15th: After 6.30pm Mass Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Saturday 15th: After 7.30pm Mass Holy Family Church
Friday 21st: 10.30—11.00am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Saturday 22nd: After 6.30pm Mass Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Saturday 22nd: After 7.30pm Mass Holy Family Church
Saturday 22nd: 10.30am – 12.00noon St. Mary’s Church
Monday 24th: 10.30am – 11am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Monday 24th: 12noon – 1.30pm St. Mary’s Church

Thursday 20th December 7.30p.m.—8.30p.m. Holy Family Church
(A number of visiting priests will be available.)

Daily Mass during Christmas Week 24th – 29th December

Monday 24th December 8am St. Mary’s Church
Monday 24th December 10am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Wednesday 26th December: 10am Our Lady of Lourdes Church.
Thursday 27th December: 10am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Friday 28th December 10am Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Saturday 29th December 10am St. Marys Church

Parish Office:

Youghal Parish Office, Emmet Place, Youghal

Tel/Fax: 024-91717


V. Rev. Canon Tom Browne, P.P., South Abbey, Youghal Tel/Fax: 024-93199
Rev. Patrick Winkle, C.C., Youghal, Tel: 024-92270
Rev. Michael Murphy, C.C., Youghal, Tel: 024-92336

Rev. Patrick Relihan, C.C., Youghal, Tel: 024-92456

History of Youghal

Youghal is steeped in history, from St. Coran to the Franciscans and Dominican Friaries to Walter Raleigh and Oliver Cromwell. Youghal is a place of faith and its history is marked by the faith of so many lay faithful, religious and clergy who have served Christ and his Church faithfully; one such faithful servant was, Blessed Dominic Collins.

Today the faith continues to survive, though in different circumstances. The parish is unique in that it has 3 Churches in the town within a mile of one another and 1 Church in the Gortroe, country area of the parish. The parish welcomes many holiday makers and visitors from Easter to winter. Many come to experience the Historical town, but many others come for the beautiful beach, and relaxation. Youghal has a great reputation as a ‘Caring Town’, for within the parish boundaries, many people who are ill or elderly are looked after in the various homes, hospitals and houses. The Parish offers support and the Sacraments to the residents and patients.

The Parish has three Catholic primary schools, one second level school, and two religious communities. At the present moment there are four priests ministering to the parish. Many lay people are involved in the pastoral activities of the parish; eg. ministering to the sick, baptismal team, Legion of Mary, Pioneers, Lectors, Ministers of the Eucharist, Choirs, First Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation, etc.

The Parish has a long history of faith going back to the 6th century. A great treasure has been handed on from one generation to the next. We continue that tradition and look for ‘new ways to pass on to young people the beauty and richness of friendship with Jesus Christ’, (Pope Benedict XVI letter to Catholics in Ireland).

Here are some important dates in the life of Youghal Parish.
575 St. Coran founded a monastery in Youghal.
1020 built St. Mary’s Church, now known as St. Mary’s Collegiate Church and serves the Church of Ireland still today,
1183 Knights Templar Order situated at Rhincrew,
1224 Franciscan South Abbey founded, it was said that first friars came from Assisi founded by St. Francis
1268 Dominican North Abbey founded.
1350 Benedictine Abbey at North Main St. founded.
1464 College of Our Lady of Youghal established for Seminarians
1577 Jesuit Hoouse and Grammer school founded
Reformation all religious expelled.
1602 Dominic Collins martyred in Youghal

1796 St. Mary’s Parish Church built, still servers today as parish Church,
oldest Catholic Church in the Diocese of Cloyne still active as a Parish Church.
Presentation Sisters came to town, subsequently built on site of former Franciscan Friary, (Sisters still in the Parish)
Christian Brothers arrive, (No longer in the parish)
Loreto Sisters establish a convent and school, (Sisters still in the parish).

1907 St. Ita’s Church Gortore, built
1939 Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Strand area of the parish, constructed,
1990 Holy Family Church, built, with parish Hall and meeting rooms.
1992 Dominic Collins Beatified by Pope John Paul II
Dominic Collins born in Youghal 1566, joined the Jesuits, in Spain. Returned in 1601 with Spanish army. He was captured and sent to Youghal to be executed, which took place on 31st October 1602.


The Crib at St. Raphael's Centre,Youghal

The Crib at St. Raphael’s Centre,Youghal


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