Merricks – A one hour radio documentary on Merricks Department Store, Youghal


Merricks – A one hour documentary on Merricks Department Store produced by Community Radio Youghal CRY 104FM and made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The hour long documentary was first aired on Sunday the 27th of January 2013 on CRY104fm.

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“It stands in the centre of our town, a magnificent building that has seen it all and survived World Wars, the famine, floods, storms, emigration, and several recessions; a building which is a landmark in Youghal. A building which was the lifeblood of our community and provided employment to many over 400 years, and was the social hub and focal point of a town and a community that has seen its fortunes fluctuate over the years.


Merrick’s Department Store, once Youghal’s premier retail outlet, now lies empty,and is a stark reminder of the economic times that we live in. But the building also offers us a reminder of more prosperous times, when the town of Youghal had almost full employment with a thriving port and industries which were the envy of towns throughout Ireland and Merrick’s Department store was at the heart of this thriving community”
The launch took place on Monday the 21st of January at the Mall Arts Centre of “Merricks” a brand new hour long documentary celebrating the now defunct department store which served the people of Youghal for almost 500 years and pays tribute to the people who worked there and which will be aired on Sunday the 27th of January at 1pm on CRY104fm and repeated on Thursday the 31st at 4pm.
The programme captures key living memories of the building, the business and the life that was Merrick’s department store. The staff and management of CRY feel that this one hour documentary will will be a valuable archive of one of Youghal’s great institutions.
The programme also includes Vox Pops from former customers and also highlights the impact of the closure of Merrick’s has had on the town and the wider community. The huge old building that lies empty in the centre of the town is a bleak reminder every day of Youghal’s recent decline but also serves as a reminder of what a significant store Merrick’s was and might yet be again in the future.



Merricks - North Main Street Youghal. Pic:

Merricks – North Main Street Youghal. Graphic: Michael Hussey

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the radio documentary, thank you. It was a well produced piece, moving smoothly with warm conversation carried forward by excellent choices for the songs used. Memories like these need to be preserved. Well done! My wife and I worked in a department store in 1965 before we were married. This reminded me of some fond memories of the people we worked with.
    We visited Youghal in May of 2012. We met Norman and Marjorie MacDonald during that time. It gave me reason to smile to know that they had both worked at Merricks at about the same time.
    Getting older has it’s bright side.
    Preserve your memories,
    Peter O’Brien