CRY 104fm’s Marita Kelly and Orla O’Riordan meets the Celebs!


Marita Kelly, PR& Marketing, has been very busy out and about rubbing shoulders with the stars!

Last week Marita caught up with Music legends Phil Coulter ahead of his Grainstore, Ballymaloe gig and spent a morning in Cork City getting the lowdown on music greats such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash from the very lovely Sandy Kelly.

CRY 104fm's Marita Kelly with Sandy Kelly

CRY 104fm’s Marita Kelly with Sandy Kelly

Sandy Kelly spoke candidly in the interview about the influence Patsy Cline, passing away at the tender age of 29, has had on her career. This year, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Patsy Cline, who remains half a century on, remains one of the leading females in Country Music history. Patsy Cline has been the dominant influence on the career of Ireland’s first lady of Country Music, Sandy Kelly. In the 90s, Sandy starred in the long running West End version of Patsy the Musical. She has toured widely with the Patsy Cline in Concert show. “I just love to sing those songs: “I fall to pieces”, “After Midnight”, “Crazy”, “Sweet Dreams” and “San Antonio Rose” that make Patsy so special.” says Sandy

Patsy Cline the 50th Anniversary Concert tour will play Ireland and the UK. Sandy Kelly makes a welcome return where she will perform in PATSY CLINE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT TOUR in Ireland and the UK. The Irish dates include: FRI. 15TH MARCH – THEATRE ROYAL, WATERFORD, SAT. 16TH MARCH – SET THEATRE, KILKENNY, SUN. 17TH MARCH – THE THEATRE @ THE HELIX DCU, MON. 18TH MARCH – CORK OPERA HOUSE. Tickets are on sale now.

Very few artists can say they have performed with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Hamilton IV, Glen Campbell, Patsy Cline, Jett Williams (Hank William’s daughter), Randy Van Warmer, The Jordanaires, Chet Atkins and more recently Hal Ketchum to name but a few worldwide stars. Sandy Kelly can and her career continues to flourish all these years.

Marita with 'Tubridy the calf'

Marita with ‘Tubridy the calf’

The most striking of interviewees has proven to be of the bovine nature – Tubridy the Calf!!! Tubridy was sold for €5500 at Dungarvan Mart for Youghal Cancer Support Group. Marita attended the mart, along with many of CRY 104fm’s staff and had a great chat with RTE’s Ryan Tubridy, Maura Derrane and Brenda O Donoughue, Horse Racing idol Davy Russell and comedy VIP Jon Kenny.

CRY 104fm's Marita Kelly and Linda Carroll with Maura Derrane

CRY 104fm’s Marita Kelly and Linda Carroll with Maura Derrane

The most recent of Marita’s interviewees had been none other than Irish Rugby marvel, ex-hooker, Jerry Flannery in light of his recent trip to Tanzania to help raise funds for World Visions Survive to Five campaign. “Before I arrived in Tanzania I didn’t know what to expect but I am so glad I took this trip. The kids were brilliant. When I first arrived they were shy and quiet, wondering who this strange looking white man was but once I started to play with them they began to smile and laugh and fool around just like any group of kids in Ireland.” said the former Ireland and Munster player.
“The sad thing is though, the children I played with have less of a chance of surviving to their fifth birthday. They die from something as simple as a tummy bug because they don’t have access to clean water and because their bodies are weak from not having enough food.”
“This doesn’t have to be the case. World Vision Ireland’s Survive to Five campaign aims to give children like the ones I met in Tanzania with a chance in life by ensuring they have access to clean water and by supporting their parents to grow healthy food.”
“The people I met in Tanzania were inspiring. They don’t want a hand out, just a hand up and they use a small amount of money to change theirs and their children’s lives.”
“Kids in Tanzania are just like Irish kids. They laugh, they play, they mess around. They deserve the same chances in life. They shoudnt be allowed to die from tummy bugs. We can give them a chance to survive to and well beyond the age of five. All we have to do is try.”
Jerry also spoke about his retirement and disappointment having to retire due to injury rather than choice, the current fortunes of the current team and his thoughts on the up and coming stars of the future.


CRY 104fm's Marita Kelly and Linda Carroll with RTE's Ryan Tubridy

CRY 104fm’s Marita Kelly and Linda Carroll with RTE’s Ryan Tubridy

CRY 104fm presenter Orla O’ Riordan, also caught up with Broadcasting Legend Gay Byrne in reference to his one man show at the Grainstore, Ballymaloe. “Generally speaking when people see a poster that tells them they are going to see Christy Moore tonight at 8pm, they know what to expect, when people see Gay Byrne on a poster they are very entitled to ask, doing what?” he said jovially.

Orla O'Riordan

CRY 104FM’s Orla O’Riordan

Having entertained, educated and informed the masses for the past 50 years, people will have an instant interest in seeing one of Ireland’s greatest television presenters and broadcasters performing live on stage, regardless.

Ever the diplomat, when Orla turned the tables and asked Uncle Gay his infamous question, ‘when God meets you at the pearly gates, what do you think he will say to you?’ his response was charismatic, saying he couldn’t possibly divulge such information when still heading the Meaning of Life, it would be unfair to let his guests see his view!


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