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BoatWarden a new, Irish developed, boat security product

BoatWarden is the solution for many boat owners who worry whether their boat is secure. Secure from the damage caused by leaks, broken moorings and, yes, theft too. An Irish company has developed a product range to solve these problems.

Click on the video below to see Kevin Hennessy explain how BoatWarden work

BoatWarden is a new electronic security system fitted into your boat which you control and monitor, from anywhere, using the BoatWarden phone App. From the comfort of your armchair, or from a beach in the Med., you can click on the App. and get an up to the minute status report, a location map, the alarm status, the battery levels and more. If anything goes wrong your boat will sound an alarm and siren and you will get an instant alert by text – this text will also be sent to a list of your friends too if you wish. Using the App. you can you can control your boat from anywhere. You can control the alarm, the bilge pumps, heating, lighting or just about any other device on your boat. BoatWarden is a complete solution to Protect, Monitor and Control your boat from your phone.

BoatWarden is designed to withstand the rigours of marine environment and there are BoatWarden products for most types of boat and outboard. Prices start at just €499 inc VAT for BoatWarden Pro the expandable solution for yachts and motor cruisers and €349 inc VAT for the BoatWarden Mobile designed for smaller boats and outboard engines.


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BoatWarden was developed in Ireland by Kevin Hennessey who has been boating all his life. Kevin’s father lost a boat that pulled from its moorings and Kevin nearly lost his own when it’s bilge alarm failed. He looked for a solution that did not exist and so in 2009 he began developing BoatWarden. In 2010 the first BoatWarden systems were installed. The beta users then told their friends and today close to 100 BoatWarden systems have been sold by word of mouth.

So, what does BoatWarden monitor? Everything is customisable, and your own unique requirements are easy to manage, but as a starting point, here’s some of the main ones:

Low Battery Alarm
If you don’t have shore-power you’ll be keen to monitor your boat’s battery levels – if they fall below 11v you’ll get a notification.

GPS Tracking
Remotely ask the system where it is and you’ll instantly get a reply. Similarly you can set a ‘fence’ around your boat and if your boat moves out of this (ie: stolen or dragging a mooring) you’ll hear about it instantly

Bilge Levels
The cold weather last winter has sadly shown many boaters just how easy it is for water to get in and do serious damage. BoatWarden has a unique bilge sensor which you simply install above your automatic float switch. It has a 10 second delay to allow for normal wave action, but if it detects high water it’ll send you an alert and also switch on your bilge pump for 2 minutes. This monitor provides a full solution, as well as peace of mind.

Outboard Security
Our unique BoatWarden outboard security system has been driven, in part, by our customers and their insurance companies. Outboard theft is sadly becoming more and more commonplace so we’ve designed a solution that includes an IP67-rated wire-snap that triggers the onboard alarms and notifies you immediately if it’s breached in any way. Tracking options, should the thieves continue to remove your outboard, are also available.

Unwanted Entry
Hatches, doors, windows and even canvas studs can be monitored to alert you (and the unwanted visitors) to the fact that there’s been a breach.

Shore Power Monitoring
This is particularly useful if you leave your boat to its own devices for periods of time. If a breaker trips, someone disconnects you, or you run out of credit at your marina then you run a very high risk of damage being done on board. Whatever the reason, if you lose your 240v then you’ll hear about it instantly.

Passive and Reactive
Not only will all of these features respond to activation – you can also remotely manage them. You can turn lights and blowers on and off, pump the bilge, check location, switch on and off functionality all from the shoreline or thousands of miles away.

The installation is smaller than a cigarette box and works from the boat’s own power and also its own back-up battery – monitoring your boat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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