“BANJO” – A new short film to be shot in Cork and Waterford


Banjo is written and directed by Ger Thompson and produced by Eileen McCarthy Thompson. BANJO is our first short film. This follows the completion of our first feature length film FLOWER which Premiered at The Underground Cinema in Dublin 2012. BANJO will be shot in four days in various locations around Cork and Waterford. The cast and crew are already committed to the project and are standing by for the shoot in early September.

Your contribution will help us pay towards the travel and food costs for cast and crew along with other production costs, but more importantly to help us package this film and send it to festivals worldwide ensuring the end product will have an audience.

Code named BANJO, illegal immigrant JUMA PANJA finds himself in the grip of notorious Irish crime boss MR. GOODMAN. When Banjo’s first job for his new boss goes wrong, he sets about trying to retrieve the lost loot with MR. GOODMAN’S short tempered and heavily tattooed bodyguard PADDY. Things take a turn for the worse when they stumble upon a lunatic farmer wearing flowery Wellington boots and his conniving son and stoner MIKEY. When BANJO and PADDY get kidnapped by the father and son team, BANJO is convinced it is the end for him and his new partner in crime, but after the farmer makes racial references to BANJO, PADDY makes the decision that it is do or die time, and so begins an hilarious three way standoff in a remote corn field in southern Ireland, but when the dust settles and they can’t find the money, there’s still one thing left to do. Break the news to MR. GOODMAN.

Click the short video clip below to see the director Ger Thopmson talk about the project. http://www.fundit.ie/project/banjo

Writer and Director : Ger Thompson
Producer : Eileen McCarthy Thompson
Director of Photography: Jose Pereira
Sound : Aaron O Sullivan
Editing : Jose Pereira

Salim Mzee as BANJO, Dan Connors as PADDY, Paddy O Connor as GUNMAN Dylan Murphy as MIKEY, Ger Thompson as MR GOODMAN

At this point we would like to take the opportunity to thank all involved in this film for getting us this far in the project and an even bigger thank you to those of you who deem it worthy of your financial support!


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