Lecture at Youghal Library for Cork Rebel Week.


The lecture is entitled “Local Hero speaks of his work abroad with the UN World Food Programme”. Michael Lee, who is the speaker is also the officer in charge of Youghal Coast Guard, and many of us know him primarily in this role. He will talk about his humanitarian work in countries such as Somalia, Haiti and just recently Syria. It promises to be a very poignant and moving presentation and will be accompanied by slides. The talk has been arranged with Cork Rebel Week in mind. It is very fitting that people like Michael, who indeed are worthy of the term “local heroes” should be afforded the opportunity to give some sense to our local community here in Youghal, of the desperate suffering that is being endured by men, women and children in so many parts of the world, and the marvellous work that is being done to try to alleviate this by him and others.

Time and date of the talk in Youghal Library by Michael Lee.
Thursday, 17th October, at 6.30pm


Michael Lee - Youghal Coast Guard.

Michael Lee – Youghal Coast Guard.

Marian O’Halloran
Youghal Library


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