Behind the scenes of the making of Moby...
Behind the scenes of the making of Moby Dick in Youghal, Co Cork, back in 1954. The late projectionist Mikey Roche

March 20, 2023
Singer-songwriter, poet and storyteller...
Singer-songwriter, poet and storyteller Donovan discusses his early years growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, and at

March 20, 2023
St Brigid's Day - Customs, Beliefs and ...
To celebrate Saint Brigid's Day - Frank Keane, who wrote the book, "St. Raphael's Centre, Youghal - 1904 - 2004" a

Some topics mentioned in the interview:

  • St. Brigid in East Cork
  • On the eve of St. Brigid's Day people used to hang the “Brath Bride” or “St Brigid’s Cloak” (a piece of cloth) over the front door of their house, preserve it and use it to aid sick family members and animals during the year
  • The Blessing of the Boats: The blessing of the boats at Market Dock on St. Brigid's day - February 1st
  • The annual salmon season in Youghal started on St. Brigid’s Day…Fishing families mentioned: Buttimers, Hennessys, Hickeys, Murphy’s, The Nunns, The Roches, The Spuraways.

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February 20, 2023
Mike Brooks, Chairman of the Youghal Ka...
Mike Brooks, Chairman of the Youghal Kathleen and May committee talks with Noel Cronin on Community Radio Youghal #kathleenandmay ship back home to Youghal?

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January 13, 2023
Youghal Business Alliance - Proposals f...
Michael Hussey chat with Ger Flanagan, Chairman of the Youghal Business Alliance (YBA) talking about exciting new ...
December 19, 2022
Youghal Business Alliance launch new pr...
The launch took place in the luxurious surroundings of The Regal Cinema at South Main Street on Tuesday evening, 2

November 28, 2022
Walking the Munster Blackwater - "From ...
Walking the Munster Blackwater - "From Source To Sea - A seven-day journey" Bernadette Phillips from Community Rad

Bernadette Phillips from Community Radio Youghal, CRY 104FM, interviews author and long-distance walker, Jim O'Malley, at the Immrama Lismore Festival of Travel Writing, in Lismore, Co. Waterford, on Saturday, 18th June 2016.

Jim O'Malley, an environmentalist and long-distance walker, is a native of the Youghal area though domiciled in Kerry since 1980. Jim taught English and Irish in Killorglin, 1980-2007. Since his retirement in 2007 he has fulfilled a longstanding ambition in following the Blackwater from source to sea in 2010.

A seven-day journey, hardly an epic walk, but a memorable experience that has been recorded in his recent book – Walking the Munster Blackwater, Ashfield Press, Nov 2015. While emphasising the historic events that occurred along the course of the river, O'Malley presents the reader with a varied snapshot of the Irish countryside.

Encounters with farmers, B&B personnel, publicans, anglers and others are blended with his love of nature and a deeply-felt concern for the future of the Blackwater.

Interview Content:

0:00 Introduction

0:40 Walking the Blackwater

2:55 Preserving the Landscape

4:45 The Environment

5:40 John Moriarty

6:45 The Blackwater

7:45 John Muir

8:45 Conclusion

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November 15, 2022
Ann Neville talks about the amazing lif...
Ann Neville talk about the amazing life and times, and death, of Youghal man Blessed Dominic Collins, who was exec

The month of November is traditionally a time in which the Catholic community remembers those who have died. Ann said she feels the presence of Dominic Collins at this location.

On the 400th anniversary of his martyrdom back in 2002 and since his beatification by Saint John Paul 2 back in 1992 more and more people have recognised the spot as a place to say a prayer or bless themselves as they pass by.

Each year more flowers appear at the spot in the lead up to the 31st October. Ann happily takes care of the flowers by putting them in vases and water.

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October 28, 2022
Funeral customs and traditions in Yough...
Local historian and author Frankie Keane and Church Sacristan, Liam Ryan, talk with Mick Hussey about the old trad

July 20, 2022